How to Awaken to a Deeper Consciousness

In our journey through life, our perception of reality is shaped by our mental and emotional conditioning from the past. However, there exists a profound and transformative dimension of consciousness that is waiting to be discovered. This article delves into the teachings of spiritual awakening and the significance of embracing “space” (空) consciousness, as described in some Buddhist sutras. 

The Emergence of a Deeper Dimension:

Through cultivating a “Space” consciousness within each of us, a non-conceptual dimension of consciousness is already beginning to surface. This emergence signifies a pivotal moment in one’s life—a realisation of a deeper level of consciousness. It echoes the wisdom imparted by past arhats, where they highlighted the importance of one thing above all else.

The Absolute Importance of Consciousness:

Amidst the various facets of our lives—financial, health, relationships, work, and living conditions—there exists a singular element that holds absolute importance: our state of consciousness. While other aspects may hold relative importance, it is our awakening to the transcendent dimension of consciousness that truly matters. This transcendent dimension is often elusive, referred to as the finger pointing to the moon, and cannot be defined by words alone.

The Two Levels of Consciousness:

Consciousness can be viewed through two distinct levels—the object consciousness and the space() consciousness. Object consciousness encompasses the incessant stream of thoughts, emotions, and sensory perceptions that occupy our minds. For many, this stream becomes an overwhelming force, keeping them entangled and spiritually asleep. Identification with this mental chatter leads to an unconscious state where one is disconnected from true inner peace, clarity, and a sense of aliveness.

The Significance of Space(空) Consciousness:

In contrast, space consciousness represents a dimension beyond concepts and definitions. It defies conventional understanding and yet can be experienced in the present moment. By directing our attention to the gaps between words or the space within a room, we tap into this elusive realm. Space, though intangible, is foundational to existence, allowing objects and sounds to manifest. It is a profound part of our being that precedes our personal identity and personality.

Awakening to Space Consciousness:

The path to space() consciousness lies in the simplicity of awareness. By cultivating an attentive and alert presence, we can begin to notice the silence and spaciousness between thoughts and sounds. In these moments, our minds are free from thinking, and we are fully present in the now. The practice of embracing these spaces leads us away from object consciousness and into the realm of expanded awareness.

The Essence of Spiritual Awakening:

At the core of spiritual awakening lies this one thing—the realisation of space(空) consciousness. It is a profound discovery that can be explored and contemplated for hours on end. By immersing ourselves in the exploration of space consciousness, we can transcend the limitations of our conditioned minds and experience true inner peace, joy, and connectedness with something greater than our historical selves.


As we navigate the complexities of life, it is vital to recognise the transformative power of awakening to space ()consciousness. By shifting our attention from the ceaseless stream of thoughts to the gaps between them, we tap into a dimension that defies definition but holds immense significance. Embracing space consciousness allows us to see reality as it is, untainted by our past conditioning, and opens the door to a profound sense of inner peace and connectedness.

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