About Us

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Who we are

We are a welcoming and inclusive Buddhist temple, committed to sharing the transformative power of the Buddha's teachings with all who seek inner peace and happiness.

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Our Objectives

Avalokitesvara Yuan Tong Monastery

Compassion and mercy towards all living beings
Buddhist Practice
To provide a peaceful and supportive environment for Buddhist practice, study, and contemplation, where individuals can deepen their understanding of the Buddha's teachings and cultivate wisdom and compassion.
Mahayana Buddhism
To promote and preserve the teachings and practices of Mahayana Buddhism, with a particular emphasis on the bodhisattva ideal of serving others and alleviating suffering.
Local community
To serve as a spiritual and cultural center for the local community, offering opportunities for meditation, prayer, and celebration of Buddhist festivals and traditions, as well as promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding.

Where we are

18/22 Makland Dr, Derrimut VIC 3030
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