New Buddhist Monastery – 3 Gold Crt, Deer Park

Building good affinities with the founding of Avalokitesvara Yuan Tong Monastery Inc


In line with the spirit and teachings of Buddha. ‘The cultivation of good deeds will lead to immeasurable merits. Thus gaining limitless wisdom, in order for the seeds of benevolence to flourish into a ‘field’ of prosperity, blessed opportunities and good karma’.

Stemming from these opportunities, we invite all keen members of the public to initiate the construction/ creation of our future Monastery at 3 Gold Court, Deer Park. It is our hope that this Monastery would be able to house all who wish to learn and practise self-cultivation, paying reverence to Buddha, zen meditation and the study of Dharma, social education and much, much

This is the time to start your heart felt wish and pledges now. Regardless of the size of your
contribution, everyone is encouraged and most welcome to make a commitment to offer
alms/donations within your means. Please be part of the temple’s growth and festivities. We pray for blessings to your family to enjoy good luck, peace and happiness and be filled with auspicious

We wish all sentient beings be safe, serene, joyous, relief, equality and good at heart.

~ (Avatamsaka sutra)




秉承佛陀教化精神-「修少善行,受無量福,悉令得無盡智慧,為 一切眾生種植善根淨心,更發福德最上良田」。藉此因緣,十方信 徒大眾踴躍發起興建-觀音圓通寺,期望未來寺院讓信徒大眾能有 修持精進念佛、禪修及研習佛法、社教課程…等多元功能使用學習。




Deer Park (Sarnath) – The Origins of Dharma

Sarnath, India (or known as Deer Park) is the place where Buddha first preached his first discourse after obtaining enlightenment at Bodhgaya, and is known as the place where the ‘wheel of the dharma’ was first set in motion.

At this place, the Buddha encountered the five men who had been his companions of earlier austerities. On meeting the enlightened Buddha, all they saw was an ordinary man; they mocked his well-nourished appearance. “Here comes the mendicant Gautama”they said, who has turned away from asceticism. He is certainly not worth our respect.When they reminded him of his former vows, the Buddha replied, Austerities only confuse the mind. In the exhaustion and mental stupor to which they lead, one can no longer understand the ordinary things of life, still less the truth that lies beyond the senses. I have given up extremes of either luxury or asceticism. I have discovered the Middle Way. Hearing this, the five ascetics became the Buddha’s first disciples.

Gautama Buddha started teaching not to debate but for the advantage of and out of compassion for human beings. He explained the middle path which avoids extremes, the Four Noble Truths, and prescribed the Eight-fold path.

The Four Noble Truths are:

1. There is suffering;
2. Suffering has a cause;
3. The cause is removable, and
4. There are ways to remove the causes.

So as to remove the causes the Buddha prescribed an Eight-fold Path:

Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness, Right concentration,
Right attitude and Right view.

Although Buddha set the ‘wheels of the Dharma’ in motion at Sarnath (Deer Park) 2500+ years
ago with his Four Noble Truths & Eight-fold Path, as disciples of Buddha, we hope the ‘Wheels of the Dharma’ continue to be in motion at our newly constructed Monastery in Deer Park, Victoria
(3 Gold Court, Deer Park), by further propagating Buddha’s Dharma.






佛陀經過一番思擇後,覺得應該要說法度眾生。於是他想起陪他修行的五位夥伴,他們已經用功修學多年。就進入禪定觀察,五位夥伴當時在鹿野苑。 於是佛陀從菩提伽耶走路到鹿野苑。


所說 四聖諦:苦聖諦,集聖諦,滅聖諦,道聖諦八正道: 正見,正思惟,正語,正業,正命,正精進,正念,正定是機緣是巧合,秉承2500多年前佛陀在古印度鹿野苑初轉法輪,宣揚佛法的精神,觀音圓通寺,亦將於澳洲,維多利亞州的鹿野苑啟建新的道場。希冀能藉此新道場來傳承佛陀的教義,讓法輪能永續的在娑婆世界轉,以便接引更多的法界眾生


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