Charity & Merit

General Donation

You can support the activities of Avalokitesvara Yuan Tong Monastery in a variety of ways. Any meritorious gesture of generosity creates a karmic link between yourself and the virtuous activities.

Building New Temple

Help us build a new temple, creating a sacred space for the community to gather, meditate, and practice their faith.

Operation & Maintanance

Help us upkeep and manage physical space, organization and execution of daily services, events, and activities.

Offering Food & Supplies

Offering food can generate positive karma or merit, which can bring blessings and benefits in this life and next life

Building a Sacred Future

In the heart of our community stands a sacred place—a temple that has been a source of spiritual solace, cultural richness, and communal unity for generations. As time advances, our temple, like any cherished institution, requires continual care and growth. To ensure its enduring presence and vitality, we invite you to join us in contributing to our New Temple Building Fund and Operational Fund.

The Vision: A New Temple for Generations to Come

Our temple has long been a haven of peace and spirituality, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together in worship, meditation, and celebration. Now, as we look ahead, we envision a new temple—a place of even greater beauty and serenity, designed to accommodate our growing community and future generations.

Architectural Marvel

The new temple will be an architectural masterpiece, a testament to our commitment to preserving our cultural heritage while embracing the future. It will be a place of awe and inspiration.

Expansive Spaces

With more space for prayer, meditation, and community gatherings, the new temple will foster deeper spiritual connections and provide room for our community to flourish.


Accessibility and inclusivity are paramount in our vision. The new temple will be designed to welcome everyone, ensuring that all members of our community can participate fully in its offerings.

The Importance of the Operational Fund

Beyond the construction of a new temple, the sustainability and vitality of our existing and future endeavors depend on a robust Operational Fund. This fund supports the day-to-day operations of our temple, enabling us to continue providing spiritual guidance, cultural education, and community outreach.

Spiritual Growth

Your donations to the Operational Fund help us maintain our current spiritual programs, including meditation classes, religious teachings, and counseling services.

Cultural Enrichment

Our temple plays a vital role in preserving and celebrating our cultural heritage. Donations ensure that we can continue hosting cultural events, workshops, and festivals that bring our community together.

Community Outreach

We are committed to giving back to our local and global community through charitable initiatives. Your support allows us to extend our reach and make a positive impact beyond our temple’s walls.

Donation Through Credit Card

(Securely via Paypal)​

Building New Temple

To fund the construction of AYTM’s new temple at 3 Gold Court, Deer Park

Operation & Maintanance

To support operational expenses at our current temple at 18/22 Makland Dr, Derrimut

Donate using Cheques or Money Order


Please make them payable to:  AYTM

Address:  Avalokitesvara Yuan Tong Monastery
18/22 Makland Drive, Derrimut, VIC 3026


Donate via Direct Bank Transfer

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